Spear / Matte Black
5, 6 Lug


    Tricked out sport trucks and SUVs can take things a whole step higher with the addition of a set of new Black Rhino Spear model truck rims. These hardened light alloy truck wheels make a “big” difference in vehicle appearance since available sizes include 20x9, 22x9.5 and a gargantuan 24x10 inches. Both 5 and 6-lug bolt patterns ensure a proper fitment with a wide range of trucks and SUVs, including new Jeep Cherokee and Dodge Durango and the new Nissan Navara. Like all Black Rhino wheels, the Spear model is engineered to handle the heavy loads associated with the city truck market. Spear wheels go big on design, too. The 15-spoke array is clean and uncluttered at rest, and becomes a scintillating masterpiece once it gets rolling. The finishes are as special as the design—silver with a mirror cut lip edge, matte black and mate black with a matte machined lip edge.

    Available in Sizes:
    20x9 , 22x9.5 , 24x10

Technical Specifications

Part Number Size BP 1 BP 2 Offset Bore Load Weight Finish Price
2090SPR306135M87 20x9 6x135 30 87.10 2250 30 MATTE BLACK 339
2090SPR406114M76 20x9 6x114.3 40 76.10 2250 30 MATTE BLACK 339
Part Number Size BP 1 BP 2 Offset Bore Load Weight Finish Price
2410SPR305150M10 24x10 5x150 30 110.10 2250 61 MATTE BLACK 533

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Spear Matte Black

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