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Wheel Max recognizes the importance of maintaining the privacy of its customers and fully respects customer rights to privacy. Wheel Max follows the privacy policy outlined on its website and fully informs customers of any changes by promptly posting them to the web site. 

What information does Wheel Max collect? How is that information used? 

From time to time, Wheel Max may collect information through surveys and website usage in order to provide better service to its customers. Wheel Max also collects information during customer registration and order checkouts. Wheel Max may use information that it collects for its own research or marketing purposes. Wheel Max does not allow any third parties to access the private information of its customers except in cases of law enforcement investigations or fraud. Wheel Max does not sell, rent or lease any of the information it collects under any circumstances. Wheel Max may email occasional special offers to customers who explicitly request these mailings at checkout or through an online request form, and includes an unsubscribe link in every mailing in compliance with applicable law. Wheel Max may also send automated emails to customers with status updates when orders are placed.

Is my information secure with Wheel Max? 

Wheel Max and its contracted hosting services take reasonable measures to maintain the security of all disclosures of information from Wheel Max customers. This includes security updates, firewall protection, data encryption, and other technological means of keeping your data secure. 

Please Note: We are dedicated to providing 100% secure transactions and protecting your privacy. To verify the secure status of our site please click the Verisign logo at the bottom of the page.

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