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Technical Questions?  Visit our Tech FAQ.

Q. What if the wheels you recommend for my car do not fit?

In the rare event that your online order doesn't fit your vehicle, we're proud to offer the WheelandtireMax compatibility guarantee.

Q. What is your Return Policy?

If your order is accurate but you decide not to keep it, certain conditions apply when returning your items. 

See our Return Policy for more details.

Q. Is it difficult to install my wheel and tire package?

Installing your new wheels is as simple as putting on your spare tire. Check out our tech center for a guide on installing your new wheels.

Q. How much is shipping?

To ensure the lowest possible shipping prices, shipping costs are calculated at the time you checkout.  See our Shipping Information area for more details.


Q. What are your business hours?

Business Hours:

Sales Pacific Mountain Central Eastern
Mon-Fri 6am - 2:30pm 7am - 3:30pm 8am - 4:30pm 9am - 5:30pm
Sat 6am - 12pm 7am - 1pm 8am - 2pm 9am - 3pm


Support Pacific Mountain Central


Mon-Fri 7am - 2pm 8am - 3pm 9am - 4pm 10am - 5pm


Q. Why do I need a Road Hazard Warranty?  Don't your wheels and tires come with a warranty?

Our wheels and tires come with a six month warranty.  However, these warranties only cover manufacturer's defects, such as out of round tires or faulty chrome / paint finishes.

Our Road hazard program offers you additional protection that standard warranties don't.  A Road Hazard Warranty covers damages that may occur during normal driving, such as blown out tires and structural wheel damage due to curbs or potholes.

For more information, visit our Road Hazard Warranty page.

Q. Why don't you have my vehicle listed in the vehicle selector?

Wheel Max strives to offer the widest selection of wheels for as many vehicles as possible.  In the rare event that we don't offer wheels for your vehicle, please let us know 

Q. Why can't you ship to a different shipping address than my billing address?

To protect you and ourselves from costly fraudulent orders, WheelandtireMax will only ship to the billing address on file with your credit card company.

If you need your order shipped to a different address, you'll need to inform your credit card company of the alternate address, which we will then verify once your order is placed. 

Q. Do you carry other wheels or tires not listed on your web site?

Everything WheelandtireMax carries is listed on the website.

Q. Where can I obtain wheel nuts, hub rings, and valve stems for my new wheels?

Wheelmax can supply you with all the hardware needed for a proper installation.  During checkout, you may choose to include an installation kit with all the right hardware for your vehicle / wheel combination. 

Q. Can I pay with my Visa/Master card debit card?

Yes, but we can only process the daily limit every day until you have been charged the full amount.  Once this is complete, your order will be processed and shipped.

Q. Do you offer any kind of wholesale program for dealers?

Yes.  To set up a wholesale account, please contact our wholesale department at 1-305-406-3797.

Q. Can I buy an odd number of wheels (i.e. one, or five)?

Sometimes we can accommodate orders for odd numbers of wheels.  For more information, give us a call at 1-800-545-5745.

Q. How long will it take my order to get to me?

Shipping time within the continental U.S. depends on your location in the U.S.A.  See our Shipping Information area for more details.

Q. Who does Wheel Max use for shipping?

Wheel Max ships via FedEx to the U.S. and Canada, and USPS to locations such as Hawaii and Alaska.  See our Shipping Information area for more details.

Q. Do you offer sponsorships?

WheelandtireMax does not offer sponsorships at this time.

Q. Why do I see the same wheel more then once when searching for wheels?

This can occur with some wheels that fit more than one bolt pattern.  For example, the Exel TZ-7 wheel comes in the two following bolt patterns:

Exel TZ-7    4x100 / 4x114.3


Exel TZ-7    4x100 / 4x108.

If your vehicle's bolt pattern is 4x100, search results for your vehicle might show the Exel TX-7 two times.  It is safe to choose either one of these, as both will fit your vehicle perfectly. 

Q. How is my order prepared and packaged for shipping?

A typical order wheel and tire order is prepared in four steps:

1 - Your wheels and tires are pulled from our warehouse shelves.

2 - Your tires are mounted on the wheels, and balanced using computerized high-speed balancing machines (a $100 value!).

3 - The balanced wheel/tire assemblies are wrapped in thick protective plastic, and thick cardboard layers are placed on the face of the wheels.

4 - They are then packed into boxes for shipping and sent to you!.

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