Michelin Tires LTX M/S2


    The Michelin LTX M/S2 is Michelin’s most popular tire for pickups, crossovers, and SUVs—and with exceptional treadlife, fuel efficiency, and comfort, it’s easy to see why. The tire’s silica tread compound and lateral water evacuation grooves provide excellent grip and stopping power in inclement weather, and the tread design incorporates more biting edges than its predecessor for improved light snow traction.

Available in Sizes:
lt275/65r18/10, lt215/85r16/10, p265/65r18, lt275/70r18/10, lt225/75r16/10, p235/70r16, p255/70r18, p265/70r17, p265/70r16, p255/65r16, p225/70r16, p265/60r18, lt235/80r17/10, lt265/70r17/10, p255/65r17, lt285/75r16/10, lt245/75r16/10, p275/55r20, p255/70r16, lt265/75r16/10, p265/65r17, lt235/85r16/10, p245/75r16, p265/70r18, 275/55r20, lt265/75r16/10, lt245/75r17/10, p245/70r16, p235/75r15xl, 245/75r17, p265/60r18, 245/70r17, lt245/75r17/10, p275/60r20, p275/65r18, lt235/80r17/10, p245/70r17, lt265/70r17/10

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