Falken Tires ZIEX S/TZ05


    If you want long life, reliable performance, and a smooth, quiet ride for your truck or SUV, the Falken Ziex S/TZ05 is the perfect fit. It’s built with a tread design that promotes stability, traction, handling, and comfort over the long haul.

Available in Sizes:
265/50R20XL, 305/50R20XL, 275/45R20XL, 295/45R20XL, 275/55R20XL, 305/45R22XL, 285/40R22XL, 265/40R22XL, 265/35R22XL, 285/45R22XL, 305/40R22XL, 295/35R24XL, 305/35R24XL, 255/50R20XL, 275/40R20XL

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