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Nexen Tires Roadian CT8 HL


    The Roadian CT8 HL maintains optimal rigidity balance by including a half depth transverse groove in the center block. Also square shaped dimples in the tread prevents stress, resulting in improved durability and tread life.

Available in Sizes:
LT225/75R16/E, 185/60R15C, 235/65R16C, 225/75R16C, LT215/85R16/E, LT235/85R16/E, LT245/75R16/E, LT265/75R16/E, LT235/80R17/E, LT245/70R17/E, LT245/75R17/E, LT265/70R17/E, LT275/65R18/E, LT275/70R18/E, 195/75R16C

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Roadian CT8 HL

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