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Nexen Tires N'Fera RU5


    You want it; you’ve got it from the N’Fera RU5 – traction, great handling and strength for all seasons. The tread design incorporates waves, grooves and a micro-grooves to deter hydroplaning as well as improve grip - whether it’s raining or snowing. A second outside rib spanning asymmetrically to the inside creates stiffness for greater stability and cornering ability. For high performance SUV, this is your tire.

Available in Sizes:
255/55R18/XL, 255/45R20/XL, 265/45R20/XL, 275/45R20/XL, 235/60R18/XL, P245/60R18, P265/60R18, 275/40ZR20/XL, 235/55ZR19/XL, 235/65R18/XL, 255/50ZR20/XL, 235/55R20/XL, 265/50R20/XL, 235/50R19/XL, 245/55R19, 245/50R20, 255/60R18/RF, 255/50R19/RF, P235/55R18/XL, 255/55R20

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N'Fera RU5

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