Mickey Thompson Tires Baja ATZ P3


    The Baja ATZ P3 has a unique “hybrid” design between an all-terrain and mud terrain tread pattern to give the grip needed for weekend adventures and a smooth ride on paved conditions. The ATZ P3 features an extra wide footprint and tough sculptured tread blocks for great all around traction.

Available in Sizes:
lt285/55r20/10, lt275/65r20/10, lt315/70r17/8, 31x10.50r15lt/6, 33x12.50r15lt/6, lt265/75r16/10, lt285/75r16/10, lt265/70r17/10, lt285/70r17/10, lt305/70r18/10, lt305/55r20/10, 35x12.50r20/10, lt245/70r17/10, 37x13.50r22/10, 37x12.50r17lt/8, 37x12.50r20lt/10

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Baja ATZ P3

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