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The distance between a wheel's mounting surface and its center line (perpendicular to axis of rotation).

Generally, a offset determines how far a wheel "sticks out" relative to your vehicle's fender well.  A wheel’s offset can be positive, zero, or negative:

Positive Offset

Wheels with a positive offset usually won't stick out from the vehicle's side – OEM wheels generally have a positive offset.  

Zero Offset

Zero offset wheels have a mounting surface deeper within the wheel, causing it to stick out a bit more from the vehicle’s fender.  

Negative Offset

A negative offset wheel has its mounting surface located even deeper in the wheel, causing it to stick out the most.  Choosing the right offset wheel is important in preventing excessive wear on your vehicle’s suspension and steering systems. 

When you order with Wheel Max, you can always be sure to recieve wheels with the correct offset for your vehicle.

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