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General Questions?  Check out our General FAQ.


What is my vehicle's center bore?

The center bore measurement of your vehicle varies significantly depending on make, model and year.  By shopping online for wheels using our exclusive wheel selector, you can be sure you'll receive wheels with the correct measurements for your vehicle and any adapters that may be required to ensure a proper and centered fit.  You can read more about centerbores in our tech center.


What is the center bore of my wheels?

Most wheels have a center bore of 73.1 millimeters, with some exceptions.  Centering rings are the best way to ensure a proper, centered fit on your vehicle.  Read more about centerbores and hubcentric rings in our tech center.


What are hubcentric rings?

Hubcentric rings are designed to fill the gap between your vehicle's hub and the wheel's center bore.  By filling this gap, the vehicle's rotor and wheel will rotate on the same axis to ensure a smoother ride.  Read more about hubcentric rings in our tech center.


What are spacers?

Spacers are designed to push the wheel away from the vehicle's brake assembly and rotor.  Wheel Max does not provide spacers.


What tire pressure should I use?

The best reference for correct tire pressure is the PSI specifications on your tire's outer wall.  The outer wall typically describes maximum PSI for a given tire; it's usually best to use a tire pressure about 5 PSI under the maximum specification.  Tire Pressure can affect traction and temperature as well.

Wheel Max does not recommend lowering your tire pressure for racing, as low tire pressure can result in damage to your wheels not covered by road hazard warranty.

How much should I torque my lugs?

Your vehicle owner's manual contains the best torque specifications for your wheels.  The best way to torque your lugs is by using a torque wrench.  Visit our tech center for more on wheel torque.

What is my vehicle's offset?

Your vehicle's correct offset depends on what size wheel it uses.  Our exclusive online wheel selector ensures that your wheel purchase will have the correct offset for your vehicle.  Read more about offsets in our Wheel Tech area.


What tire size do I need for my car?

Tire size compatibility depends on your specific make and model.  Our online wheel selector will help you find the correct tire size for you.  Read more about plus sizing in our Wheel Tech Area


What is the difference between all the wheel finishes that you offer?

The diagram below illustrates the different colors and finishes of the wheels that we offer.


Painted Light Grey Finish


Either Flat or Glossy Black Finish


Dark Grey Finish


Brightened Silver Finish


A High-Polish Dark Silver


Varies; Usually Glossy Finish


What is covered by manufacturer's warranty?

Most brands offered by Wheel Max come with a one-year manufacturer's warranty.  These warranties mainly cover factory defects known as “out of round” wheels.  They also typically cover peeling clear coats and/or chipping paint.  The warranties do not cover damage due to use of degreasers or exposure to melting salts.

What does Road Hazard Warranty Cover?

Our road hazard warranty program is designed to cover structural damage to your wheel, such as bends or cracks, that can result from hitting a hazard on the road such as a pothole.  The program does not cover cosmetic damages, such as scrapes from driving against a curb.

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