Continental Tires ContiCrossContact UHP


    High-level highway performance can make the difference between a truly special driving experience and every other commute. Liven things up with the Continental ContiCrossContact UHP tire, designed to make your four-wheel drive vehicle come alive at high speeds. Solid outer tread blocks lead the way for optimal steering, cornering stability, and braking power, while inside grooves work to clear water away. Unique tread positioning keeps things quiet.

Available in Sizes:
285/50R18, 275/45R20XL, 275/40R20XL, 255/50R19XL, 255/50R20XL, 265/50R20XL, 295/40R21XL, 265/40R21XL, 295/35R21XL, 275/50R20, 255/50R19, 235/50R19, 265/50R19XL, 255/55R18, 235/55R19XL, 245/45R20XL, 295/35R21XL

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ContiCrossContact UHP

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