Falken Tires Sincera SN250 A/S


    Specifically designed to provide class-leading durability, all-season performance and ride comfort, the new SINCERA SN250 All-Season truly delivers. Using Falken’s proprietary Dynamic Range Technology (DRT), the SN250 A/S ensures maximum grip at a wider range of operating temperatures for exceptional dry and wet traction. Strategically placed tread blocks balance harmonics to reduce tire noise for an impressively quiet ride. Featuring an 80,000/75,000 limited tread life warranty, 54 sizes and covering a massive 86%* of non-luxury sub-compact through full-size vehicles, the SN250 A/S meets and exceeds all critical touring tire expectations and more.

Available in Sizes:
185/60R14, 215/60R16, 205/55R16, 185/60R15, 195/65R15, 195/60R15, 205/60R15, 215/60R15, 175/65R15, 205/65R16, 205/60R16, 235/60R16, 215/55R16XL, 225/65R16, 185/55R16, 225/60R18, 185/65R15, 205/65R15XL, 185/55R15, 215/55R17, 225/55R17, 215/50R17XL, 225/50R17XL, 215/70R16, 225/70R16, 235/75R15, 235/70R16, 225/45R18XL, 175/65R14, 185/65R14, 185/70R14, 195/70R14, 205/70R15, 215/70R15, 225/70R15, 215/60R16, 205/55R16, 195/65R15, 215/65R15, 195/55R16, 235/65R16, 205/50R16, 215/65R16, 235/60R17, 235/55R17, 215/55R17, 225/60R17, 215/60R17, 225/65R17, 215/65R17, 235/65R17, 225/50R18, 225/55R18, 215/55R18, 205/50R17XL, 225/45R17XL, 235/45R18, 235/55R18, 225/60R16, 215/45R17, 225/55R16, 195/55R15, 235/50R18

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Sincera SN250 A/S

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