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Nitto Tires NT421Q


    Vehicles have evolved throughout the years (from sedans, to SUVs, and now the crossover utility vehicle), but have your tires done the same? The NT421Q® is Nitto’s premier all-season tire built specifically for your crossovers (CUV) and SUVs. From style to function, the NT421Q® has been created with the foremost purpose of getting you safely to your destination throughout the seasons. The unique and stylish asymmetric tread design provides a quiet and comfortable ride while delivering all-season traction.

Available in Sizes:
275/50R20/XL, 275/55R17, 225/60R17/XL, 235/60R17/XL, 255/60R17/XL, 225/65R17/XL, 235/65R17/XL, 245/65R17/XL, 225/55R18/XL, 235/55R18/XL, 255/55R18/XL, 235/60R18/XL, 245/60R18/XL, 265/60R18/XL, 235/65R18/XL, 255/65R18/XL, 265/65R18, 235/50R19/XL, 255/50R19/XL, 265/50R19/XL, 235/55R19/XL, 245/55R19/XL, 255/55R19/XL, 255/60R19/XL, 275/40R20/XL, 255/45R20/XL, 275/45R20/XL, 245/50R20/XL, 255/50R20/XL, 265/50R20/XL, 235/55R20/XL, 255/55R20/XL, 275/55R20/XL, 275/60R20, 285/45R22/XL, 225/55R19/XL

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