Atturo Tires Trail Blade A/T


    Atturo Tire adds the new Trail Blade A/T to their line for the light truck market. The new All Terrain is produced in Thailand alongside the popular Trail Blade M/T. The initial launch includes nine LT sizes from 15” through 17”.

Available in Sizes:
LT265/70R17/E, LT265/75R16/E, LT245/75R16/E, LT225/75R16/E, LT235/85R16/E, LT215/85R16/E, LT235/75R15/C, 31x10.50R15/C, 30x9.50R15/C, 275/60R20, 265/70R18, 265/65R17, 245/65R17, 265/70R17, 265/70R16, 255/70R16, 245/70R16/XL, 235/70R16, LT245/75R17/E, LT235/80R17/E

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Trail Blade A/T

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