Cooper Tires Discoverer STT Pro


    The Discoverer STT PRO is Cooper’s most advanced, extreme tire to date! The Discoverer STT PRO provides exceptional traction and performance in some of the harshest terrains on Earth. The distinctive tread design and compound provide remarkable on the road performance without sacrificing off-road traction. 3-Ply Armor-Tek3, silica tread compound, aggressive 3-2 center rib design, side-biters and more, all wrapped up in Cooper’s advanced mud terrain tire. Push the Discoverer STT PRO to the limits and you’ll “discover” what your vehicle is truly capable of!

Available in Sizes:
LT265/70R17/10, LT295/60R20/10, LT295/65R20/10, LT265/75R16/10, 33X12.50R15/6, LT285/75R16/10, LT235/85R16/10, 31X10.50R15/6, LT275/70R18/10, LT245/75R16/10, 35X12.50R15/6, LT285/70R17/10, LT295/70R17/10, LT305/55R20/10, LT315/75R16/10, LT285/65R18/10, LT315/70R17/10, LT305/70R16/10, LT275/65R18/10, 30X9.50R15/6, LT305/60R18/10, LT325/65R18/10, LT305/70R18/10, LT215/85R16/10, LT275/65R20/10, 35X12.50R20/10, 37X12.50R17/8, 32X11.50R15/6, LT255/75R17/6, 35X12.50R22/10, LT325/50R22/10, 37X13.50R20/10, LT295/55R20/10, LT305/65R17/10, 37X13.50R17/10, 37X12.50R20/10, 37X13.50R18/8, 37X13.50R22/10, 35X13.50R20/10, 40X13.50R17/6, 38X13.50R20/8, 38X15.50R20/10, 38X15.50R18/8, LT295/70R18/10, LT305/55R20/12, LT305/60R18/12, 35X12.5R20/12LT

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Discoverer STT Pro

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