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Nexen Tires Roadian HP


    For enhanced high performance grip on any road surface, the Roadian HP is the right choice. Its large shoulder block maximizes cornering grip and stability, while the arrow-type center rib improves handling. Pattern noise is reduced by a 5 random pitch variation. When wet conditions hit, wide deep grooves provide excellent drainage, braking and anti-hydroplaning.

Available in Sizes:
255/60R17, 255/50R19/XL, 305/35R24/XL, 265/60R17, 305/45R22/XL, 275/60R17, 275/45R20/XL, 285/60R18, 265/35R22/XL, 295/30R22/XL, 295/45R20/XL, 305/40R22/XL, 295/40R20, 255/30R22/XL, 285/45R22/XL, 255/50R20/XL, 265/45R20/XL, 265/50R20/XL, 275/40R20/XL, 275/55R20/XL, 285/35R22/XL, 285/50R20/XL, 295/35R24/XL, 265/60R18

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Roadian HP

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