Cooper Tires Discoverer S/T MAXX


    The Discoverer S/T MAXX features Cooper’s proven and reliable 3-ply “Armor-Tek3®” carcass construction combined with a new, proprietary cut and chip resistant tread compound. With that combination along with its modern hybrid 4-5 rib tread design and unique tread features, the S/T MAXX is destined to be a commercial grade traction tire that will perform in the toughest terrains while retaining remarkable on-road traction, stability and low noise characteristics.

Available in Sizes:
LT225/75R16/10, LT245/75R16/10, LT265/75R16/10, LT285/75R16/10, LT235/85R16/10, LT265/70R17/10, LT285/70R17/10, LT275/70R18/10, LT245/75R17/10, LT235/80R17/10, LT285/65R18/10, LT255/85R16/10, 31X10.50R15/6, 33X12.50R15/6, LT305/70R16/10, LT315/75R16/10, LT305/65R17/10, LT315/70R17/8, 37X12.50R17/8, LT305/60R18/10, LT305/70R18/10, LT305/55R20/10, LT275/65R20/10, 35X12.50R20/10, LT215/85R16/10, LT265/65R17/10, LT275/70R17/10, 35X12.50R15/6, LT245/70R17/10, LT295/70R17/10, LT275/65R18/10, LT255/80R17/10, LT255/75R17/6, LT295/70R18/10, LT265/60R18/10, LT285/60R18/10, LT285/75R17/10, LT265/60R20/10, LT285/55R20/10, LT265/65R18/10, LT265/70R16/10, LT285/60R20/10, 30X9.50R15/6, LT245/70R16/10, LT265/70R18/10, LT35X12.50R20/12

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Discoverer S/T MAXX

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